How To Pick The Right Tech Partner For You: 4 steps to consider

If you’re looking to transform your business digitally, it’s important to think outside the box and get opinions and expertise from independent experts. Seeking transformation internally will only get you so far and it’s critical to work with only partners that are exactly right for your company, your business culture, and your transformation vision. However, the market is crowded with consultants and transformation specialists offering up their services, and it can be difficult to differentiate one from the other. When choosing your tech transformation partner, you need to make sure it’s the perfect match. Here at Enex Technology we have given you some considerations to help start you on your journey.

1) Analyse their collaboration abilities

Keeping everything in line with open and honest communication can be difficult enough within your own company, let alone when dealing with someone outside of it.

It’s worth finding out as much as possible about how your technology partner will be communicating with your organisation: will they work in true partnership style or dictate to you how things should work?

Also think about your third-party providers. If you have third-party providers in place for any of your services, ensure that a clear line of communication can be created with them too, so your workforce don’t end up working as brokers or middlemen and having to continuously pass on messages.

2) Meet their Project Managers

Competent and on-the-ball Project Managers are essential in the successful completion of your project; and a good one is worth their weight in gold! The Project Manager assigned to you needs to be a good fit for you and your organisation. As there are circumstances where your technical partner may need to spend some time working in your offices, companies must fit within your company culture to allow for proper integration with your workforce.

The designated Project Manager should involve themselves wholly in your business and gain a good understanding of your requirements, resource and capabilities before they advise on the most suitable project methodology. There are various techniques available, but the most common are Agile and Waterfall. The Agile approach runs quick sprints of activity to tackle a project, whereas Waterfall approach gathers all requirements before action, adding in improvements later. Both fit different types of business – but your Project Manager will be able to advise.

3) Ensure the tech measures up

Any legacy technical architecture that you run needs to match up and be successfully understood by your tech partner. They need to have experts who can connect an older and more complicated back end system to their beautiful 21st century front end. Even the most awkward and bespoke systems within your IT infrastructure need to be understood, so be sure that the partner’s team can handle it early on.

4) How is the relationship?

Finally, most contracts with Technology partners can span over years so it’s important that your relationship with them is easy and stress-free.  You will be able to tell by early communications if the flow of information and communication Is the right fit. This is crucial and more important than most organisations believe at first!

Here at Enex Technology, we are on a mission to have customers enjoy shopping in-store again. To see how we can increase your customer engagement and revenue, contact our team today!

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