4 Different Methods To Make Your Push Notifications More Personalised

We hope you enjoyed our previous blog – ‘5 Changes to Push Notifications that your Customers Will Love’. Have you integrated any of the changes into your business? Customising a notification to be relevant for a customer has 25% more success in driving click-throughs than generic messages, so it’s important to get it right and maximise the impact.

We’ve dug even deeper into the personalisation of push notifications to bring you the four best methods for bespoke messaging to attract and engage customers and potential customers.

1) Make Recommendations

If you can, shop user’s shopping and usage habits of your app or site. Use this information to recommend products or actions that those users will enjoy. Even if a purchase isn’t made, the messaging can drive engagement and overall increase the life time value of the user.

If done correctly and regularly (but not too often, you don’t want to appear overbearing or pushy), customers should feel like you really know them and understand their wants and needs.

2) Sale Items

Compiling information on product wish lists and most viewed items or pages makes for a valuable source of data. If any of these items go on sale, are part of a promotion, or if similar items become available, notify the customer. Driving the click-through to a page that shows off other promotional or discount items can drive sales to include a larger amount than the notification stipulated.

3) Manage Demand

Notifying a user that something they look at often is running low on stock or is currently experiencing a larger than normal level of demand can create a feeling of urgency to buy more immediately with less time to dwell on a purchase decision.

4) Action Personalisation

There is plenty of opportunity for generic system notifications to be sent out that appear to be personalised, but can be managed with much less intervention. This can include GPS tracking with geography-specific messaging no matter the user receiving it. Recommendations can include events and promotions at local stores or areas, and if specific (tailored) items can be included as an addition to these, engagement and click-throughs can increase even further.

Action-specific messages such as tracking a delivery also require little effort but give updates that a user will consider personal to them. Tracking deliveries can also give the impression of good organisation and build a degree of excitement to receive the product/s.

Whilst your IT may require some intervention to customise your notifications in some ways, the engagement uplift should absolutely cover the investment.

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