5 Reasons Every Retailer Should Implement Mobile Self-Scan In Their Stores.

For those who are not aware of Mobile self-scan technology, it is the ability for a customer to scan the barcode of an item with their mobile phone, add the item to their mobile basket and then simply pay through mobile payment and receive a digital receipt.

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Mobile Self-Scan has started to make waves in The USA with Walmart scan & go [link]. If One of the biggest names in Retail can see the benefits then it is a matter of time before other names start to follow suit. Here are 5 reasons to consider Mobile Self-Scan in your store.

1) A Spare Minute or Two!

Customers are time conscious and if a customer has 15 minutes to shop, up to 5 of those minutes will be spent queuing and checking-out. With self scanning technology, customers have more time to browse further items rather than queuing which increases basket size and revenue for stores.

2) Big valuable data

If all your customers had a loyalty card, think of how much that data would improve your store? Customers need a greater incentive to join and use a stores loyalty scheme these days and giving your customers an improved customer experience with self-scan will give them a reason to want to join your loyalty scheme. A survey by Survey Gizmo found that customers are willing to share their data if they are offered a more personalised experience and self scan would be your next step towards achieving that. With the latest GDPR laws coming in 2018, customer consent is a high priority right now.

3) Real time marketing

Imagine your customer scanning a toothpaste package and then being recommended mouth washes or shower gels that are currently on offer, while your customers are actively shopping! The data that you have about customers can be used to show personalised promotions and recommendations in real- time, when it is most effective.

4) Cost Savings

Stores would save money from till savings and the increased floor space can be used to show more stock. Staff can spend more time helping customers rather than being behind the tills which will greatly affect your customers shopping experience.

5) Brand recognition

In today’s world, brands have to do more to stand out form the crowd. If a customers knows that they can have a friction-less shopping experience in your store, you will be at the top of their list when they next need to shop.

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Here at Enex Technology we provide the latest in Mobile – Self Scanning solutions for retailers and wholesalers. Our Patent Pending technology can see your customers enjoying an enhanced shopping experience in a matter of weeks. Contact our team today to learn more and book a personalised demo.

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