Warning: 5 reasons you’re losing money by not fully utilising your retail app


Shopping habits have changed at a pace no one could have predicted over the last 20 years, and with the introduction of mobile marketing and personalisation, it can be easy for technology to move faster than retailers – costing them valuable sales. Here are 5 statistics that show why fully utilising your retail app will be appreciated by your customers and increase your revenue:

1) Over 70% of customers think apps make shopping easier

72%, to be exact. These customers believe that having an app on their phone allowing them to make purchases is easier than buying on the web through an online store or physically visiting a shop. Ease is key here – the easier it is to make a purchase; the more likely customers are to. [AYTM]

2) Consumers have on average 6-10 shopping apps on their smartphone!

A survey by eMarketer has found that the popularity of retail apps amongst smartphone users is increasing year-on-year, with an average now of between 6-10 apps installed at any one time. These may not be straightforward shop apps, but anything of added value to the customer. [eMarketer]

3) 60% of millennials use apps over mobile web

With the millennial generation now hitting an age whereby they’re likely to have disposable income and make impulse purchases, it’s important to target their buying behaviours to make the best of the opportunity.

Most e-commerce sites are already mobile responsive websites but with more than half of millennials preferring apps, it’s imperative that retailers cater for this too. Retailers need to make sure that their apps are easy to navigate and be personalised to each user to increase brand loyalty and engagement. [eMarketer]

4) 90% of retailers plan on giving staff mobile access within 3 years

It’s often only in stores selling electrical goods that you see retail workers with devices in their hands as a sales tool, but it seems this is all to change soon! Retail Drive found that 89% of retailers have a plan to arm their shop floor teams with mobile devices to aid service and sales in-store. If a customer can echo this experience at home, there’s opportunity for them to ‘buy in’ to the brand more and develop loyalty. [Retail Drive]

5) Mobile devices drove $2trillion of sales in 2016!

Forrester advises that the retail sector is massively under-investing in the mobile sector, but that worldwide it drove over $2trillion worth of retail sales in 2016, which comprises of two thirds of all sales in offline retail. Investment to the correct amount, or even just an increase, could grow this exponentially. [Geomarketing]

Having an effective and engaging retail app can increase customer loyalty and revenue. If you have not already done so, now is the time to fully utilise your retail app to meet customer expectations.

We believe in making retail as easy as possible for customers, so that they buy and stay loyal to your brand. If you have an existing retail app and would like to revamp it, or you don’t have one and would like to look at your options, Enex Technology can help. Our expert team can advise you on how to deliver higher engagement with your existing and potential customers – so get in touch!

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