How wholesale apps are bringing customers back into stores

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With the recent success of Sam’s Club scan and go solution and the introduction of UK wholesalers providing click and collect, Enex decided to conduct a survey to wholesale cash & carry trade customers. The survey was to see how wholesale customers would react to new technology in their local cash & carry depot.

We asked trade customers who shop at a wholesale cash & carry depot in the UK a series of questions and later asked further questions to all who were willing. Just over 200 respondents completed our survey from pubs to hotels and convenience stores. Here are the results:

1- Firstly, we asked respondents if they shopped in physical depots (stores) or had their items delivered.

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When asked further about this it was clear that most customers enjoyed the wholesale shopping experience. Some even mentioned that it was their only time away from working in their stores.

2) We asked participants if they would use click & collect if their wholesaler provided the option.Untitled-design-1-e1497866574567-300x259 How wholesale apps are bringing customers back into stores

  • While click & collect is popular amongst supermarkets, it has only started to translate to wholesale. Most votes came from customers who would consider the option depending on how easy it was to navigate, showcasing a real interest in newer methods of shopping for wholesalers.

3)We asked participants if they would self scan their own items while shopping then simply pay at the tills if their wholesaler provided the option.

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  • This stressed the importance of queue busting technology in wholesalers. When asked further, most respondents said that if the queues were shorter they would spend more time shopping and not thinking about queuing times.

4) We asked respondents to tell us their biggest frustrations at their wholesale cash & carry. These were the top 4 frustrations:

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  • This came as no surprise as queuing was the biggest frustration that customers noted. It is also crucial to understand that some websites seemed to be harder to find relevant deals for customers, potentially missing on revenue for wholesalers. A common occurrence for respondents who cited store layout as a frustration was because wholesalers would regularly move items around the depot.


  • While our study was small, it was clear to see that wholesalers adopting new technology in their depots would certainly have customers interested. What would keep them is how easy it is to navigate and if they provide a queue busting solution.

Here at Enex Technology, we build apps for retailers and wholesalers that solve pain points for their customers such as click and collect & self-scanning. Shopping technology is on the rise and wholesalers should be looking into ways to make the shopping experience greater and more efficient for their customers. To find out more about how we can help, check our website

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